Swosti Hotels: Making Your Stay Well-Appointed & Lavishing In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar, the temple city of India and the glorious capital of Odisha, is one of the most favourite tourist destinations in the country. Apart from the tourist attractions; the city is also known as an educational and business hub for students and corporate individuals respectively. Whether you are in Bhubaneswar for exploring the educational potentials of the city or for attending a business meeting or to see the city’s tourism sites including sandy beaches, mesmerising sunset, and authentic Odia foods; the Best Hotel In Bhubaneswar, Swosti Premium, and Swosti Grand can be two ideal bases to enjoy a comfortable, well-appointed, and lavishing stay here!

Both Swosti Grand and Swosti Premium are the parts of the premium Swosti Group Of Hotels. Swosti Premium is located in the centre of Bhubaneswar, at Gajapati Nagar, Swosti Grand is nestled at a very close proximity to Bhubaneswar railways station and Biju Pattnaik International Airport. Both adobes are also close to some of Bhubaneswar’s top tourist attractions and business hubs and this is the prime reason why they are counted among the most preferred Hotels In Bhubaneswar.

Two of these five-star hotels represent an inimitable fusion of luxury, hospitality, comfort, and lavishness. Set amidst landscaped greenery, well-designed, gardens, and accompanied by lavishing restaurants and eateries; both of Swosti Group’s hotels can be your best destination to stay in Bhubaneswar. With several budget rooms, family suites, and royal suites spread across vast areas of manicured, emerald lawns, both hotels ensure guests their own tranquil corner within the hotels’ premises.

The elegantly architected and appointed rooms, inspired by both modern and traditional designs are adding a hospitable and warm charm to the Inns of Swosti Group here in Bhubaneswar. All the rooms are furnished by contemporary amenities; perfectly complemented by the generous, warm, and caring services and facilities. Guests are also given complimentary high-speed Internet service during their stay at Swosti Grand and Swosti Premium.

In terms of service, amenities, rooms, transportation facilities, and foods; Swosti Grand and Swosti Premium are the finest Hotels In Bhubaneswar. At Swosti Grand, you can enjoy delectable cuisines and foods at its very own, well-architected, and lavishing restaurant, called Aqua and Galleria. Likewise, at Swosti Premium, you can get the taste of culinary excellence at Confucious, specialising in Chinese items and Chandan with the specialization of authentic Indian delights and dishes.


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