Explore Odisha & Its Culture With Best Hotels In Odisha – Swosti Group

Odisha; the state of culture, religions, traditions, and values is also home to several attractive tourists places. Each year, thousands of tourists come to this state to explore its authentic natural beauty, its delectable cuisines, and its popular tourist places. Whether you are looking for the Best Hotels In Odisha to book rooms for a holiday with your family or you are searching 5-star hotels offering most lavishing honeymoon suite in Bhubaneswar, Swosti Group Of Hotels can be the idea adobe for you in Odisha.

All of the Swosti Group Hotels including Swosti Premium and Swosti Grand in Bhubaneswar, Swosti Chilika Resorts in Chilika, and Gopalpur palm Resort in Gopalpur offer you the best hotel booking deals and offers so that you can enjoy a memorable, enjoyable, well-appointed yet reasonable priced experience in Odisha. All of their offers and special deals are devised to give guests and holidaymakers the best value for their money while meeting and addressing each of their needs.

Apart from this, what makes Swosti Hotels the Best Hotels In Odisha is their dedicated and passionate approached and strive to create golden and happy memories that will last a lifetime. With elegantly appointed suites and rooms, state-of-the-art amenities, modern architectural designs, calm and serene ambiance, and budget-friendly packages;

At Swosti; the staffs believe that an essential part of your Odisha exploration should be versatile, yet authentic and this is the reason why each of Swosti group’s hotels offers you the most mouth-watering, delectable and authentic cuisines and foods. At Swosti Grand, it has two modern and grand restaurants Aqua and Galleria, specializing in delectable delights and beverages respectively. Likewise, at Swosti Premium, there are two well-settled, modernly designed restaurants called Chandan and Confucious. At Chandan, you can enjoy authentic Indian dishes while Confucious is famous for its mouth-watering Chinese delights.

All hotels of Swosti Group ensure guests the easiest and quickest Bhubaneswar Hotels Booking through the internet. Without rushing to the traffic and wasting your valuable time; you can book your rooms and suites at any of the Swosti Hotels online. Each hotel’s website has special online room booking pages, which are easy to navigate and features are simple to understand. Moreover, on your Bhubaneswar Hotels Booking online; you also can get special discounts and price-cuts from different tourism sites.


Swosti Hotels: Making Your Stay Well-Appointed & Lavishing In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar, the temple city of India and the glorious capital of Odisha, is one of the most favourite tourist destinations in the country. Apart from the tourist attractions; the city is also known as an educational and business hub for students and corporate individuals respectively. Whether you are in Bhubaneswar for exploring the educational potentials of the city or for attending a business meeting or to see the city’s tourism sites including sandy beaches, mesmerising sunset, and authentic Odia foods; the Best Hotel In Bhubaneswar, Swosti Premium, and Swosti Grand can be two ideal bases to enjoy a comfortable, well-appointed, and lavishing stay here!

Both Swosti Grand and Swosti Premium are the parts of the premium Swosti Group Of Hotels. Swosti Premium is located in the centre of Bhubaneswar, at Gajapati Nagar, Swosti Grand is nestled at a very close proximity to Bhubaneswar railways station and Biju Pattnaik International Airport. Both adobes are also close to some of Bhubaneswar’s top tourist attractions and business hubs and this is the prime reason why they are counted among the most preferred Hotels In Bhubaneswar.

Two of these five-star hotels represent an inimitable fusion of luxury, hospitality, comfort, and lavishness. Set amidst landscaped greenery, well-designed, gardens, and accompanied by lavishing restaurants and eateries; both of Swosti Group’s hotels can be your best destination to stay in Bhubaneswar. With several budget rooms, family suites, and royal suites spread across vast areas of manicured, emerald lawns, both hotels ensure guests their own tranquil corner within the hotels’ premises.

The elegantly architected and appointed rooms, inspired by both modern and traditional designs are adding a hospitable and warm charm to the Inns of Swosti Group here in Bhubaneswar. All the rooms are furnished by contemporary amenities; perfectly complemented by the generous, warm, and caring services and facilities. Guests are also given complimentary high-speed Internet service during their stay at Swosti Grand and Swosti Premium.

In terms of service, amenities, rooms, transportation facilities, and foods; Swosti Grand and Swosti Premium are the finest Hotels In Bhubaneswar. At Swosti Grand, you can enjoy delectable cuisines and foods at its very own, well-architected, and lavishing restaurant, called Aqua and Galleria. Likewise, at Swosti Premium, you can get the taste of culinary excellence at Confucious, specialising in Chinese items and Chandan with the specialization of authentic Indian delights and dishes.


Walk By the Shores of Ancient-Mid Beauty of Hotels in Odisha

Orissa which is now spelled as Odisha is sharing borders with West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. Being situated on the eastern coast of India, the state is still known for its great cultural heritage and history. The state culture boasts of architectural marvels like Chau, ancient dance forms like Odissi mostly states the literally abounds in natural beauty. Such great attraction adds Odisha tourism making it a crucial part of the itinerary of a traveller out on a trip of India.

What’s best for shopping and attraction?

Odisha is a good destination for shopping and you’ll find numerous small/big shops that sell items ranging from religious items to handicrafts. There are some places in Odisha that specialize in selling souvenirs that range from beautiful pictures to small key chains and wall hangings. The popular are Puri beach side markets where you’ll find beautiful sea oysters and shells that have turned into beautiful artefacts by craftsman. They have a range of ornate decorative show pieces made from shells and are popular among tourists.

Luxury Hotels in Odisha

Best hotels in Odisha that are luxurious situated in different parts of the state. These hotels are known for the tranquil and picturesque surroundings. It offers beautiful furnished and fully air conditioned rooms equipped with major amenities offering swimming pool, gym and fine restaurants.

Relax in Spa Resorts in Odisha

Your body and mind needs occasional rest and vacation to rejuvenate and go back to the rat race of modern life. Spas greatly accelerate the rejuvenation process by providing much needed relaxation of spirit and mind. Best spa in Odisha has become major attraction among traveller who wants to get complete experience to revitalize the vacation.

Spas are attractive because of the pampering quotient attached to the experience and after you’ve explored, there’s no better way to spring life more than spa. Basic spa facilities includes relaxing massages and sauna bath and you can push into Resorts for a luxury meter by attaching facilities like intricate massages from worldwide for example: steam rooms, gymnasium, health treatments, beauty treatments, to their spa experience.

A well planned best spa in Odisha have luxury in-built in them to provide all facilities listed and gives inherent nature of luxury that you won’t forget in your lifetime. It contains all essential of a luxury Resort and render core activity for guests as well as management state-of-art fitted bath rooms, Game Zones, lounges, bars, business centres, swimming pool, to make the product complete.


Good Hotels in Bhubaneswar Stands as The Next Best Choice Among 3-star Hotels

If you’re looking for a firsthand experience of the colourful Bhubaneswar festivals; you’d want to book a room in one of the good hotels. There are many advanced options in mid-budget hotels in Bhubaneswar near Railway Station located at the heart of Bhubaneswar commercial and residential area. It has an easy access to railway station and is just 4 km from airport. Along with this, the hotel offers well-appointed rooms equipped with modern facilities like wi-fi connectivity and mini bars and restaurants.

Minimize your effort by going advance booking

Hotels in Bhubaneswar stand as the next best choice among 3-star hotels. These are boutique hotels enriched with elegant decor, equipped with all modern features/amenities. The added features render include ravishing bar 24 hour running coffee shop, multi-cuisine restaurant, a gym, a swimming pool. Being located amidst the business and commercial hub of the city makes the hotel a convenient choice for both leisure and business travellers.

Booking in advance the budget hotels in Bhubaneswar near railway station can make your trip go memorable and hassle free. One booking is available from various top rated hotels in Odisha cities and also across the state.

Where to start when searching for a wedding venue in Bhubaneswar

If you’re planning to choose the best wedding venue in Bhubaneswar without the aid of a wedding planner, you first concern should be to find the wedding venue. Now, the style of the venue directly could impact the style of wedding and it can shape the decor, theme and style of the whole day proceedings.

So, after you’ve set a date and budget, you need to decide the style of wedding and dream about the idea about the style you’d want. For newly engaged couple, the task ahead can seem daunting where you can practically lose yourself in a maze of wedding resources. We suggest you to spend couple of hours online and immerse in the world of wedding finding excellent sites that focuses on lots of first originates and help from nearby your location.

From this position, you can start to focus your search on best wedding venue in Bhubaneswar that benefits the general style you have in mind. For instance vintage or classes, tend to lead toward historic venues like stately/castle homes, whereas contemporary might lead you to more blank canvas like art-galleries.

There are several best available spot and hotels in Bhubaneswar that solely promote to wedding venues and you can find feature dozens of venues in wide range of styles of varying quality accessing the quality of venue featured.


Online Hotel Reservations Bhubaneswar Renders Discount, Deals & Convenience

Bhubaneswar – the capital city of Odisha is one of the top tourist attractions in India. The tourist inflows are gradually increasing year by year at a great pace to the city. But if you see, there are not enough hotels and resorts in Bhubaneswar or nearby tourist places to accommodate these high numbers of tourists. On the other hand, it’s not easy for the tourists to book a convenient and comfortable room according to their choice like in a specific budget, location, amenities, etc. One of the most convenient ways for this is to go for online hotel reservations Bhubaneswar and book the best hotel deals in the city at the earliest.

Here comes the internet

The benefit of booking hotels online is that you can literally go on a tour where you’re planning to stay without having to move an inch from your place. The online booking websites have tons of information on Bhubaneswar hotels and vacation and you can grasp the maximum possibility to make best deal and also bid on hotels to get a substantial discount. You can even see photos of the hotel, rooms, and restaurants and watch videos comparing one hotel with another. It also offers better security with personal data and you don’t have to wait endlessly on phone to speak to a representative.

Now, the phrase “discount on hotels” doesn’t necessarily mean a reduction in your comfort and deals of this kind can give you the occasion of staying more luxuriously at lower rates. When you have the amenities of a top-of-the-line hotel for middle of the road price, it makes the hotel deals even better.

#Pick up some extra information about wedding venues and body fitness here:

Streamline your wedding venues searching process

With many wedding venues out there, choosing just one is a quite difficult. Regardless of how enthusiastic you’re about wedding planning, you should know how to narrow down your options. Therefore, prior to seek for a best wedding venue in Bhubaneswar it is recommended to make a list with your priorities which would make your process more streamline. It takes some research and patience to find a venue that suits your needs best you like the one you can afford, is convenient for your guests and is available when you need it.

Maintain your body fitness through health club

Naturally, a person interested to maintain body fitness can workout at home. However, people join health club in Bhubaneswar because they feel motivated through the environment since exercising alone can be tough. Fitness centers are staffed with certified trainers who will guide members with adroit training techniques of exercising minus the risks of incurring injury.


Hotels in Bhubaneswar- A Perfect Blend of Comfort, Luxury & Hospitality

Bhubaneswar, a well known city in India is one of the most attractive tourist destinations. This city is famous for its temples, heritage, culture carved out as unique place in the field of tourism industry. Every year thousands of tourists from different parts of the country visit this place to get soaked into the colourful festivities. If you’re looking for a luxury accommodation, you can check out various types of best hotels in Bhubaneswar ranging from 5 stars, 4 stars to 3 stars located ideally near railway station or airport.


Luxury hotels in Bhubaneswar welcome you for a delightful stay

Among the various best hotels in Odisha, there are some that stand out from the rest. As you seek for a comfort, luxury hospitality, you will never fail to find splendiferous facilities and services. The grandiose property of Odisha offers you spellbinding views where you can experience an “out of the world” holiday experience.

Hotels in Odisha
Hotels in Odisha

To your convenience, the resort renders an array of accommodation options to choose from viz: deluxe room, suite rooms, standard rooms, executive rooms, etc. No matter which room/suite you prefer, you will surely experience a wonderful stay as the housekeepers and staffs pamper you to the core. They attend to your entire requirement and take care of you at just the wink of an eye. Being here will let you experience a homely stay right in the heart of the “mother nature”.

What else do luxury hotels offer?

High-end hotels in the region define luxury through the top notch suites and amenities that can include one master bedroom, seating space, LED television & lot more.


Foodies at best hotels in Bhubaneswar are in for a grand treat with many in-house restaurants to serve you with best delectable dishes that one can ever ask for. There is also a cafe where you can grab light snacks, refreshing drinks, pastries and other tasty delights. The bar is an apt place to socialize with colleagues/friends trying some of the assorted mock tails, cocktails, spirits, wines, etc.

With the help of the internet, you can easily get the lists of the best hotels in Odisha. One of the popular hotels that you can find include Swosti Hotels that lets you a perfect getaway ready to let you experience luxury like never before. At just the click of a mouse you can book your room for a holiday that will make you come back for more.


Best Hotels in Odisha To Stop Over While Holidaying in The State

Odisha, the famous Eastern Indian State is distinguished for its cultural vividness, rich culture, and glorifying fests. With a rapidly growing and prosperous hospitality and tourism industry accompanying a number of internationally acclaimed tourists places and holiday destinations; Odisha can be the best place to spend your holiday time!

If Odisha is in your list of next vacation destination and you are searching for the best accommodation facilities to hang about; here are the Best Hotels In Odisha where you can check-in for a lavishing, amusing, and enjoyable retreat. Let’s find out!

Best Hotels In Odisha

Top Hotels In Bhubaneswar:

If you are in the capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar and wondering which the best place to stay is; check-in to premium hotels like Swosti Premium, Swosti Grand, Mayfair Lagoon, Ginger, Hotel Trident, and Hotel Pal Heights, etc. With inimitable amenities, warm hospitality, and budget-friendly tariff; these Inns can be your best choice for staying in Bhubaneswar.

Premium Hotels in Puri:

Famous for its lengthy sea beach, Lord Jagannath temple, and mesmerising sea view; Puri is home to various famous hotels like Mayfair Waves, Sagar Tarang Residency, Toshali Sands, and Pramod Convention & Beach Resort. Whenever you plan your vacation to Puri, don’t forget to check-in these hotels for lifetime memories and enjoyable holiday experiences.

Must-Go Hotels In Gopalpur:

The southern coastline of Odisha, Gopalpur is famous for its picturesque beaches and serene sea. If you are planning your next holiday to this tiny yet breathtaking sea-facing destination; don’t forget to retreat yourself with lavishing amenities and world-class luxurious staying with the best Hotels In Gopalpur like Gopalpur Palm Resort, Mayfair Palm Beach Resort, and Hotel Sea Pearl, etc.

Finest Hotels In Chilika

The largest brackish water lagoon of Asia; Chilika can be a great destination for holidaying in Odisha. To get customized itineraries and luxurious staying experience; do check-in to the best Hotels in Chilika like Swosti Chilika Resort.

Most Excellent Hotels in Konark

The famous Sun Temple, the mesmerizing beach, the affluent culture, and heritage make Konark another most popular holiday destinations of Odisha. When visiting Konark; check-in to the most famous hotels In Konark like Lotus Eco Resort and Surya Inn, etc for congenial, luxurious, and well-appointed amenities and warm hospitality.

Final Words

These are some of the most well-appointed yet budget-friendly and Best Hotels in Odisha to check-in while holidaying in the state. So plan your next vacation to Odisha and collect lifetime memories.